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Goblin Lair

Author: 2D Storyteller

Addon: Content which can be added into any game - new or existing!

Price: $9.99

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"The helmet of his ogre slave rang like a bell as the Goblin chieftain pounded on it with his bone wand. The shadows of the cave writhed around him with the fevered movements of his entire lower kingdom, dust fell from the ceiling signifying that the upper levels were waking to the sound of his ogres roar. The goblin chieftains' sharp toothed grin cracked across his face. His lair was the deepest, his lair was the strongest. Stronger than the dragon they slayed to reach the lower levels, stronger than the spider queen he made his pet, stronger than the human kingdom to the south..."

'Goblin Lair' uses interactive battle maps to bring the foul depths of a Goblin Lair to life in your TTRPG, bringing your adventure scene to life before your players' eyes. Using atmospheric audio alongside animated and static art, take your players on a dangerous quest to defeat the Goblins of the old world. Use this pack to have your players explore and lay siege to the goblins encampments above ground and uncover the secret entrances to their lair, but beware for there are fouler things than goblins in the deepest places of the old world...

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