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Portal Packs - NPC Essentials - Elves of Mistvale

Author: Mythic Portal Games $4.99

Mythic Portal is proud to present Elves of Mistvale!

Elves of Mistvale is an Card Deck Add On that includes 24 Elves complete with picture and description. Perfect for the GM who wants a small stable or Elven NPC's to choose from and/or for those who desire the ability to generate an NPC on demand.

Many of these fine characters have a detailed history (often with each other) allowing the GM to create and access a complex elven community in seconds.

NPC Essentials is fully compatible with all of our Building Essentials, Token Essentials, and One Minute Maps products.

i Can only be used with Roll20; cannot be downloaded.

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+ All Access Vault Enabled
You and your players can export existing Characters from other games into this game using the Character Vault feature. Read more »