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Crown of the Oathbreaker NPCs and Monsters (80 monsters and NPCs)

Author: Elderbrain

Addon: Content which can be added into any game - new or existing!

List Price: $14.99
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This NPC and monster compendium includes over 80 unique monster and NPC stat blocks and beautiful illustrations straight out of the Crown of the Oathbreaker adventure and campaign setting.

Grab the full module at and dive into the adventure!


Aberrant Template
Academician of the Arcane Tower
Apprentice of the Arcane Tower
Arcane Sentinel
Astral Spider
Baendretarixus, the Eternal Hive
Bakator the Onyx
Battle Snail
Billie Blind
Bulbous Observer
Captain Ick Forge-n-hammer
Commander Pricklethrust
Daedal Wright
Despair Giant
Dryad Witch
Elder Cortex
Eldon Lobo of the Nine Seals
Feyrealm-born Template
Frenzied Mutant
Frumby Goldtooth
General Sundamar Stormbreaker
Hagspawn Template
Heir of Entropy
Incubus Pirate
Inheritor of the Unbegotten
Interdimensional Strangler
Jasmin Johandulc
Knight of the Crown
Krasnar Azennar
Lord Cyne Monder
Lord Ziademos Gorso
Malzdreziret, the Scaled Impostor
Master Bertio Ranberd
Menagerie Caretaker
Midnight Hag
Minstrel of the College
Mob of Frenzied Nobles
Mordio Delons
Morkiel Reborn
Queen Aphinah Azennar
Querrai Xalo
Ricio Tane
Royal Guard
Sam "Weaver" Ebonhilt
Sentient Carcass Template
Seven Thorn
Spectral Congregation
Spellthief Adept
Spriggan Mercenary
Stonefist Devotee
Swarm of Astral Stirges
Swarm of Ghoulish Sprites
Swarm of Magic-Infused Fire Beetles
Syllatur Laudraphol
Tentacled Master
The Colossus
The Utter Blindness
The Lich-Knight
Unit of Armed Commoners
Unit of Ghouls
Unit of Royal Arrows
Unit of Royal Riders
Unit of Royal Swords
Unit of Satyrs
Unit of Scoundrels
Unit of Wights
Unit of Wizards
Unit of Zombies
Vault Naga
Welvynn Ausstyl
Werehellhound Knight
Werehellhound Template
Witchservant Cultist
Xarzax Ausstyl
Xeno the Rekindled Flame

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