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Heroic Quests Vol. 9

Author: Elven Tower Adventures

Addon: Content which can be added into any game - new or existing!

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Heroic Quests Vol. IX

By: Elven Tower

4 Fantastic One-Shots!

Heroic Quests Vol. IX contains four 5e-adventure locations for three to six characters from 2nd to 8th level. These adventures can easily be placed in any campaign setting. They aren't lineal and have no correlation between them. They're meant to be played as independent one-shots that take no longer than three to four hours.


The following list contains the titles of the four short adventures included in this product:

1. Trial of Dragons (Level 8) -- The people of Rocky Hill Village are curious since a rumor hit their ears. There is heavy talk of an ancient civilization of snakefolk that built a mausoleum in the nearby peaks. No one dares explore the place after some brave adventurers left to seek the treasure but never came back. If the treasure is not enough to draw the attention of strong heroes, a snakefolk woman named Hiz'ta claims to be a long predecessor of the snakefolk in the mausoleum. She offers a hefty bounty if the heroes can retrieve an ancient artifact called The Dragon Tear for her.

2. Mausoleum of Regrets (Level 2) -- Today, people can barely remember the times when the Varadder family was powerful and respected all around. Almost nothing remains of their wealth, lost in the span of two hundred years... Before everything was lost, one of the Varadders paid a mage to place a circle of protection in their mausoleum. Something backfired in the mausoleum recently that caused numerous undead abominations to emerge and attack the townsfolk. Numerous volunteers have lost their lives in this conflict. The city offers a hefty bounty of 500 gp to anyone who can stop this from the root.

3. The Hargen Winery (Level 4) -- Joseph Hargen has spent decades trying to improve his wine formula. No matter what he attempts, failure is imminent. His frustration and anger built over the years. But one day he met Darathos, a wizard who did not offer him a way to improve his wine, but to take revenge upon all those who mocked him. With magic, Darathos created "The Golden Vintage" and with it, they turned many of innocents and members of the city watch into harmless ducks! The search for external help is desperate and fast. The leader of the watch offers good gold for this. 

4. The Woman and the Crone (Level 7)  -- Sylvana is an elf who left her clan. The pressure to become a warrior like her parents was too much to bear and she decided to leave. A clever witch from the woods felt the sadness in Sylvana's heart and took possession of her. Assuming her appearance, the witch sells and offers cursed pastries to nearby villagers. The magic compels them to enter the forest at night, where they become easy prey for the evil hag. After many disappearances, the authorities at Gremilton look for help and hire a strong group of heroes. (This adventure features one of our great isometric maps).


As an Elven Tower product, each one-shot includes the following features and benefits:

- Original Artwork. Elven Tower-brand products include their own original artwork for maps, tokens, and handouts.
- Professional Cartography. All maps are provided by Elven Tower Cartography. Please enjoy the Roll-20 adapted versions of our adventures.
- Pre-generated Characters. Joseph Humble (fighter), Lilia Whiteheart (wizard), Finneas Lightfoot (cleric), and Jansen Viggo (rogue). The four of them have character sheets for 6th level linked to their corresponding tokens.
- One-Click Macros. Run faster combat sessions with one click macros. Simply select a token and watch as macros for core features pop up. The macro auto rolls initiative, saving throws and skill checks. Take advantage of our Dice Roller macro for double-dice rolls and a Dice Query.
- Endless Customization Options. Thanks to their adaptable nature, these adventures can fit almost any campaign setting.
- Dynamic Lighting. All map-pages of this product have been optimized with Dynamic Lighting features, wall delimitation, and removable doors. Tokens for light sources (dim, regular, sunlight) are also included (requires plus/pro subscription).

Visit our Roll20 page to know more of our products!

Quick Guide

System: D&D 5E
Starting Level: 2
Length: 2-4 hours (each)
Installation: Add-On
Sheet: D&D 5e by Roll20


Install this Add-On via the dropdown menu in the Game Addons section of the Game Details Page. Select this product and click on the blue Add to Game button beside the drop-down menu.

i Can only be used with Roll20; cannot be downloaded.

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