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Shattered Grace

Author: Jeff Stevens Games

Addon: Content which can be added into any game - new or existing!

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Centuries ago, Annesia Arakhos was consort to a king now long forgotten. Wanting no competition for his new heirs, the king commanded Annesia and her two children to be executed. Annesia escaped the sword. Her children did not. In her grief, Annesia called to a prince of demons who transformed her into a lamia to enact her revenge.

Using her new powers, Annesia stole away the king's heirs and devoured them. Yet this did not sate Annesia's hunger. Every few generations the lamia continued to use her illusions to enter royal chambers, steal infant heirs, and devour them. Yet the kingdoms continued.

Many years ago, Annesia kidnapped the king's son, a half-elf named Grayson. In a moment of precognition, Annesia did not devour the boy and instead kept him as her own child, raising him in the ways of wizardry.

Learning of Annesia's story, Grayson convinced the lamia to follow a new course. Instead of killing the heirs, she could recondition them and send them back into the kingdom as commoners, tradesfolk, and farmers. The heirs of the kings would still live and, one day rise up, announce their bloodlines, and cause such chaos that they would shatter the monarchy forever.

Today Annesia and Grayson, along with a half-dozen hidden royal heirs, reside in the Temple of Shattered Grace, a ruined temple to a goddess of beauty. Six days ago, Annesia used her illusions to infiltrate the current king's court and steal his two heirs: a boy and a girl.

Estimated run-time: 2 to 4 hours.

This adventure is intended for five 8th-level characters and focuses on exploration and combat.

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