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Blue Moon

Author: Jeff Stevens Games

Addon: Content which can be added into any game - new or existing!

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Hundreds of years ago, a holy warrior by the name of Madeleine led the armies of good to victory over an army of demons, witches, and monsters. Omens point to those powers rising again— and to them seeking Madeleine's bones for some dark purpose.

The ruler of the region has called for a group of adventurers with no ties to the crown to discreetly retrieve Madeleine's remains from their resting place, as a precaution. The cemetery where she is interred is accessible only rarely—the result of ancient magics laid down to keep her safe. If the adventurers don't succeed tonight, the cemetery sinks back underwater, inaccessible to the living—but not to the forces of darkness—for a hundred years.

By default, the ruler is Queen Chana IV, a stern and capable warrior queen, and part of a dynasty that has ruled the region for almost a millennium. Adapt or substitute this character as appropriate for your campaign.

Estimated run-time: 3 hours +

Blue Moon is designed for a party of five 3rd-level characters.

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