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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Instant Treasure Cards

Author: Patrick Von Raven

Addon: Content which can be added into any game - new or existing!

Price: $4.99

These cards are designed to make search results fun. It makes the treasures found just a little more tangible because, instead of the GM simply reading off the discoveries from a list, the players get to see and interact with the items they've found. Heck, they can even keep the cards in their hands if they wish. It's the closest (currently) we can come to tactile contact at virtual table tops.

It's fun for your players!

The Cards

Armor: This one is self-explanatory; any kind of armor or shield.

Coins: Also, self-explanatory; it's the amount and kinds of currency they find.

Gems: Also, self-explanatory; here you'd list everything from diamonds to rubies.

Items: Use this card for anything that's not coins, armor, gems, jewelry, potions, scrolls or weapons. From trinkets to magic items.

Jewelry: Another self-explanatory card; for anything--mundane or magical--from necklaces to broaches to rings.

Potion: Obviously, we know what goes here.

Scroll: Use this card not just for magical scrolls, but also for maps and any kind of document.

Weapon: Obviously, we know what goes here.

Using the Cards

When you've finished building your encounter for your Roll20 game, the next step is to place the treasure. Follow these simple steps.

  1. First, make sure that you're on the GM LAYER. This is where you'll hide the treasure cards until you're ready to show them to your players.

  2. Hover your mouse over the Instant Treasure Cards deck and a click on CHOOSE.From the pop out window, drag the appropriate treasure card and place it on the table.

  3. Double Click on the card. This will open the TOKEN SETTINGS screen. In the NAME field, input the description. For example, 100 gp.

  4. Click SAVE SETTINGS and you're done with setting up the treasure card!

  5. On Game Day, after a player character's successful search, switch the treasure card(s) from the GM LAYER to the OBJECTS & TOKENS LAYER. The players can take it from there. This is great since the time you'd otherwise spend listing and describing the search results to your players can now be spent on any needed DM's tasks

Note: You can also use the GM NOTES tab in the TOKEN SETTINGS screen to enter the information any other details as needed.

Now, let's do an example. After setting up a lair encounter, I figure out the treasure and then make sure that I'm on the GM LAYER. Then I go to my Instant Treasure Cards deck. In the lair, the players will find 1,000 gp, a longsword +1, potion of healing, platemail armor +1, and a magic crystal ball.

First, I choose the COINS card and drop it onto the virtual table. I double click on the card and in the NAME field, I enter 1,000 gp and set the correct permissions (check NAMEPLATE and in PLAYER PERMISSIONS, check SEE). If I was also including, let's say, silver pieces, I'd opt to include that in the NAME field of the same card as the 1,000 gp, thus, eliminating the need for a second COINS card.

Next, I choose the WEAPON card, double click, enter Long Sword in the NAME field--don't list the +1 there if you don't want the players to see that information yet; simply put that info in the GM NOTES tab.

Then comes the ARMOR card, and I input Platemail. Again, I don't want my players to see the +1 yet, so I put that detail in the GM NOTES tab.

Next is the ITEMS card, so I input Crystal Ball in the NAME field and put the item's description in the GM NOTES tab for now.

In the Potion card, I personally don't list the potion's name in the NAME field, just the description of the container. Instead, I add the potion's name and properties to the GM NOTES tab.

Then, come Game Day, after an encounter, my players make a successful search of the chamber. So, I simply switch the treasure cards from the GM LAYER to the OBJECTS & TOKENS LAYER. My players can take if from there. They actually now prefer this system.

And that's it! May you have as much fun with these cards as my group does! Happy Gaming to you!

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