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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Cursed Connections RPG

Author: Adder B

Addon: Content which can be added into any game - new or existing!

Price: $9.99

Discover together what dark histories have shaped your group of characters into the adventurers they are today.

The Cursed Connections RPG is a card-drawing game designed to inspire the creation of characters well-suited for a Curse of Strahd campaign. By answering questions and "remembering" experiences, players will tell the stories of characters who learned to fight and survive in a world of distrust, betrayal, and fear.

This addon includes:
-The Cursed Connections card deck, including fifty-one prompt cards.
-Four handouts, including detailed instructions for the game as well as advice for how to translate the game into a setup for a Curse of Strahd campaign.
-Recommendations for emotional advocacy during the game.
-A Cursed Connections gaming screen.

i Can only be used with Roll20; cannot be downloaded.

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