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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Side Quest Map Pack - Mother Medusa

Author: Crosshead

Addon: Content which can be added into any game - new or existing!

Price: $4.99

Big Bad Evil Brand in collaboration with Crosshead Studios presents: Side Quest Map Pack - Mother Medusa.
This pack of 6 maps with different variations can be used as a stand alone product or can be combined with the Mother Medusa adventure to create a larger series of adventures. The Mother Medusa adventure can also be found on the Roll20 Marketplace.
This pack includes descriptions and adventure hooks that accompany each map. We've also included plot threads that connect the adventure hooks presented here to the larger adventure of Mother Medusa. Finally there are 6 custom creature statblocks that are connected to each of the maps.

This pack contains the following maps by mapmakers:
Zero who made the Serpentine Temple and The Slithering Deep maps
AtaraxianBear who made the Mountain Encounter and Mountain Caves maps
GimmePig who made the Tail of the Snake and the Brood Chamber maps

The full list of Big Bad Evil Brand products on the Roll20 Marketplace can be found under the banner of Crosshead Studios, to see more click here.

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