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Town and City: Dynamic Lighting

Author: Zach Moeller

Addon: Content which can be added into any game - new or existing!

Price: $7.99
This Game Addon is available in the following bundles

The familiar scent of wood smoke lingers above the town streets, filling the chimneys of every house on the lot. The cobble path narrows to an alley, sheltered from view of the main street, where voices can be heard speaking in conspiratorial tones.

Shopkeepers peer out from behind gypsum panes into the courtyard, eager for any prospective customers milling about to pay them a visit. The songs of troubadours mingle with the calls of street vendors hawking their wares and the cacophonous noise of chatter and bickering, laughter and livestock. A stone fountain sits at the center of the intersection, pumping clean drinking water up from subterranean springs.

You approach a complex of thatch-roofed buildings bursting with activity and the unmistakable noise of a local watering hole. The scents of horses and hay give way to those of stale beer and urine as you cross the threshold into the tavern. Raucous laughter and belligerent tirades are witnessed in equal measure as folks stumble about in their cups. Far from the most hospitable establishment, it'll do for a quick respite, provided the party can play nice with the locals.

Town and City: Dynamic Lighting

This game add-on features 24 dynamically lit maps: the basics needed to run encounters in a new town. In addition to interior and exterior tavern maps, alley and courtyard maps provide the perfect backdrop for a brawl with the locals, haggling with street vendors, or a run-in with the town guard.

This art pack includes the following map variants, set up with walls and lighting where appropriate:

Some maps in this pack have been created for Adventures Await, and are based off of their original map designs. Other maps are based on designs by Dyson Logos and are licensed under his collection of commercial maps.

i Can only be used with Roll20; cannot be downloaded.

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