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Izbushka Hut (Map Addon)

Author: Oixxo Art

Addon: Content which can be added into any game - new or existing!

Price: $9.99

From the edge of the forest you see a small wooden cabin by the pond, unpretentious but very cozy looking. Everything tells you that it is a common peasant household with a bathhouse and a farmyard.
Probably you’ve heard of the rumors that evil spirits took over this place, or your party has accidentally discovered this hut, situated in the middle of the dense forest, no other settlements for miles around.

Various encounters with Slavic folklore creatures can take place here (Domovoy, Vodyanoy, Rusalka, Bannik, Poludnitsa/Lady Midday, Polunochnitsa/ Lady Midnight, Chort, Likho, Baba Yaga, Werebear etc.).

The pack includes:
• Fully set up dynamic lighting (requires plus / pro subscription)
• A helpful guide for GM with notes and tips on rooms, traps, passages, treasures & other details needed in the adventure
• 50 x 50 hand drawn detailed map of the top level with izbushka (Slavic hut) and banya (Slavic bathhouse)
• 50 x 50 hand drawn detailed map of the underground level with basement and dungeon caves
• Daytime & nighttime map versions

If you are looking for a regular map pack (with gridded and gridless versions) you can find that here: Izbushka Hut (Map Pack)
This content pairs well with this one: Slavic Folklore Items

Created by Oixxo Art
You can also find more of my work, including characters, monsters & creatures, items, tokens and more at: Oixxo Art Patreon
Got any questions or feedback? Feel free to contact me via Oixxo Art Discord

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