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Astral Library: Dynamic Lighting

Author: Zach Moeller

Addon: Content which can be added into any game - new or existing!

Price: $7.99
This Game Addon is available in the following bundles

Eerie lights of various hues dance on both sides of the sheets of gypsum that separate the library from the silvery miasma beyond. Built of and hidden by powerful sorcery, you stand within a citadel of knowledge, guarded closely by powerful keepers.

A marvel of both magic and science sets a series of brass spheres in motion, waltzing delicately around one another as they encircle a large shimmering orb. Held high by a series of turning gears. Metal supports, and magical orbital fields, the orrery spins overhead, demanding one's attention and wonder in spite of the surreal beauty that surrounds it. Behind the device sits an imposing seat of stone, with three metal chests at the foot of its steps. A colorful void is all that can be seen past the narrow strip of tiles that you walk upon. Solid ground seems to extend further beyond the two stone walls standing at either side of the throne.

The world churns as you emerge from the portal, and as you recover from the vertigo, you find yourself standing on a small island within a 40-foot diameter glyph. A series of glowing runes chiseled in concentric circles hum beneath your feet. Four statues mark the corners of the island, standing witness to the waves of abstract matter that crash upon the shoreline as it is slowly swallowed by the astral sea.

Astral Library: Dynamic Lighting

This game add-on features several variants of a magical library battlemap, along with some other fun maps that fit the astral theme.

This art pack includes the following map variants, set up with walls and lighting where appropriate:

Some maps in this pack have been created for Adventures Await, and are based off of their original map designs.

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