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Paranormal Locales: Dynamic Lighting

Author: Zach Moeller

Addon: Content which can be added into any game - new or existing!

Price: $7.99
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The musty, damp chill of the underground captures your senses as you descend the spiral staircase into the crypt's depths. Flickering torches cast golden light over stone tiles and crimson rugs, but neither flame nor carpet can muster enough warmth to dispel the cold indifference of death hanging heavily in the air.

Thirty open graves are aligned in rows before a mausoleum flanked by two stone tombs. The soil is freshly stirred, with mounds of loose earth surrounding each of the graves. A rusty shovel and an unlit oil lantern sit in the grass near the iron gate of the mausoleum.

Hissing, bubbling and churning in pools at either side of the road, an unknown substance takes its toll on its surroundings. Dark rings of scarred earth encircle the pools, and the dying grass crunches underfoot between the cobbles.

At the hill's imposing crown rests an otherwise unassuming house that the locals are careful to avoid. The place is shrouded in mystery and rumor, though it doesn't appear particularly ominous as you gaze upon it from the outside.

Climbing through the trapdoor and down the wooden ladder, you enter a surprisingly large basement of stone masonry. Cobwebs cover boxes, barrels and crates, though the noises deeper in the dwelling seem to suggest this place is not vacant.

Ooze gurgles all around you, writhing in a seemingly endless sea of viscous sludge. Your eyes sting and your nose wrinkles at the pungent air. Globs of slime lap at the shores of the small island of rock separating you from the toxic expanse.

Paranormal Locales: Dynamic Lighting

This game add-on features multiple maps that could be inhabited by the paranormal and undead, including graveyards, roads, haunted houses, and more.

This art pack includes the following map variants, set up with walls and lighting where appropriate.

Some maps in this pack have been created for Adventures Await, and are based off of their original map designs.

i Can only be used with Roll20; cannot be downloaded.

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