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A Much Bigger Problem

Author: Green Feather Games $4.99

A Much Bigger Problem is a short adventure for a group of four to five 3rd-level players. This adventure is designed to be useable in any campaign or world setting and is implied to take place in any area that might include some farmlands.

For the past sixty-seven years Wheatwinter Farm, a small farm outside the village of Longbranch, has produced an essential survival tool for the town—a unique strain of wheat that can survive the harsh winters of the region. However, for the past few weeks something has been terrorizing the livestock at Wheatwinter and the surrounding farms. Markus Wheatwinter has defended his farm from goblins time and time again, but this time something is different and he has put out a call for aid.

Included in this adventure you'll find:

Before you buy:
We designed this ankheg-themed adventure to be a fun 3-4 hour game session. Our aim was for a fast-paced, well-polished adventure that game masters can use in any setting as part of a longer campaign, or as a 'one-shot'. The combats can be tough at times, though we did include a few areas where game masters can 'crank-up' the challenge for their players even more if you have a group of players that enjoy that style of gameplay.
Thank you!

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