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Wizard's Tower [Dynamic]

Author: The MAD Cartographer

Addon: Content which can be added into any game - new or existing!

Price: $7.99

Begin your ascent up the Endless floors of a magical sanctum with this, pack 1 of our Wizard's Tower. As well as a traditional forest variant, each map in this pack comes with a transparent tile version without a background and we have included a handful of environment tiles, allowing you to place your tower in whichever location type you prefer e.g. snow, desert or even the astral plane!

Base Maps

These three maps are included in every Wizards Tower pack, making each pack a complete tower if you prefer. You can purchase other Wizards Tower map packs to add additional floors.

Arcane Gate - A magical portal serves as the entrance and exit of the tower, surrounded by lounges and bedchambers.

Observatory Roof - An enormous telescope straddling the uppermost floor of the tower, pointing into space whilst the surrounding room displays an arcane planetarium.

Empty Chamber - A blank chamber for you to configure with your own assets.

Core Maps

The following maps are exclusive to this map pack:

Herbalist Garden - Rows of planters for weird and wonderful flora, workbenches and living quarters dominate this workspace.

Fantasia - A hall of animated musical instruments. A central plinth presides over them, where the conductor can control this enchanted orchestra.

Summoning Circle - In a shadowy chamber, arcane runes traced on the floor glow like hot coals as the ritual nears completion. Also includes a variant with an inactive summoning circle.

Void Ritual - A ritual has gone awry, and now void energy seeps out and threatens to overwhelm this entire chamber - and maybe the tower beyond!

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