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Candlelight Adventures [Dynamic]

Author: The MAD Cartographer

Addon: Content which can be added into any game - new or existing!

Price: $12.99

Mansions, temples, cellars and more in this new Candlelight Adventures map pack ; complex, detailed adventure crawls for players to seek out monsters, books, and magic items. This pack comes with six unique dungeons and the blank coloured variants of each map: Sand, Jungle and Classic. All our maps are under 5mb for free Roll20 users and come with a grid watermark in the top corner to align your grids by hand.

Core Maps

The Joy of Tandias Mansion - This mysterious abode drifts through a demiplane, filled with all manner of wonderful creatures, and the research notes of the original resident.

Maz's Mighty Hideout - This seemingly modest residence contains a back office, living quarters, and a hidden trapdoor revealing a hidden chamber below.

Shem's Firefly Cellar - A dark, multi-story cellar lined with bookshelves and filled with fireflies and lanterns. Noises can sometimes be heard from beyond the rows of books - are you being followed?

Yellowcrest Cult Temple - The beautiful foyer of this temple opens up to a modest temple, where secretive cultists practice evil deeds under the nose of the unwitting community. Pits near the altar result in a sharp drop to the basement below.

Yellowcrest Cult Basement - The dark underbelly of Yellowcrest Temple, these tunnels and chambers contain some of the grisly truths of what has been happening upstairs in the temple.

Scrivener's Haven - This ancient repository of magical knowledge has fallen into disrepair, and now all manner of natural and unnatural dangers have crept in to haunt the corridors.

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