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Mines and Mountains: Dynamic Lighting

Author: Zach Moeller

Addon: Content which can be added into any game - new or existing!

Price: $7.99
This Game Addon is available in the following bundles

A broken wagon lay in pieces in a little wooded hollow along the mountain road. A makeshift campsite sits adjacent to the damaged vehicle, where two bedrolls lay in the open grass next to a firepit. Sheltered from the wind by rocky walls, it seems as if whoever rested here had no challenge starting a fire, for a few red coals can be seen scattered about the ashes.

A gust whips through the narrow channel in the mountain pass. The road is wide and level enough for a caravan to traverse, though the tall canyon walls of the passage would make any such parties vulnerable to falling rock and even ambushes. Best to keep your wits about you.

It is said the duergar guarding the outpost have found a great treasure hidden within the mountainside- so great in fact that they’ve recruited the aid of a red dragon to help them guard it. Heat can be felt from below as you descend into the compound, but it is hard to say whether it comes from the dragon or from the legendary forge housed within.

The mine sits abandoned with an empty cart resting at the end of the rails. A cave-in closes off the main tunnel through which the rails pass. Tunnels burrowed into the walls of neighboring passages suggest that you are not alone here in the dark.

Mines and Mountains

This game add-on features 4 unique maps, each with its own variants for a total of 18 separate maps centered around the theme of mines and the rocky hills surrounding them.

This art pack includes the following map variants, set up with walls and lighting where appropriate:

This map pack was inspired by the original designs of Adventures Await

i Can only be used with Roll20; cannot be downloaded.

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