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Oni Mother

Author: MonkeyDM

Addon: Content which can be added into any game - new or existing!

Price: $5.99

Can You Survive the Deadly Spirit Realm ?

Oni Mother is a Fifth Edition adventure optimised for three to six characters of 5th level. Set in the frozen north, which will take you deep into the spirit realm, full of intrigue, mystery, and murder!

This is a social and combative adventure, that will test the social abilities and combat prowess of your players. Full of devilish enemies, with new monsters specifically created for the adventure, and all the things you'd expect to find in a world full of spirits. This adventure is for level 5 adventurers ideally, and can be used perfectly to take a break from a main campaign, or as side quest to an existing world. If you want to introduce your players to a more devilish story, where manipulation and lies are the norm.


On the snowy trail that would lead one to the north of Bricia, on the mountainous side of it, more precisely, rests Okawa's Bath house. For most adventurers, this small inn with Japanese design is a safe haven, far from the otherwise demon-polluted pathways this far north. Here, traders and adventurers alike leave behind their worries and let themselves be taken care of by Okawa Nakamura Irasawa. Despite aging, the hostess has not lost her beauty. Her beautiful silver hair and motherly body have made her quite beloved around these parts, but even she needs help from time to time.

However, unbeknownst to the many travelers and also the nearby villagers, Mother Okawa, as she is often referred to, is not as innocent and as kindly as they may think. In truth, the many demons that guard the trail and attack whoever dares to get near it are little more than her devout followers. Trickster demons, other evil attackers, all of which serve her, their Oni Mother.

As it just so happens, adventurers are heading northwards through the snowy mountains, as they stumble upon the bath house. They try to find rest, instead finding finding a slaughter and bloody pools of water. Will they survive what's coming to them ?


MonkeyDM built all of these features and benefits into the adventure:

Quick Guide

System: D&D 5E
Starting Level: 5
Length: 3-5 hours
Installation: Add-On
Sheet: D&D 5E by Roll20


Install this Add-On via the dropdown menu in the Game Addons section of the Game Details Page. Select Oni Mother and click on the blue Add to Game button beside the drop-down menu.

Bug and Technical Issue Reporting

If you encounter any bugs or technical issues with this adventure or any other MonkeyDM adventure, visit the Bug Report Page and let us know!


This is the second part of a two-part adventure, revolving around Oni Mother Okawa and her bath house. In case you are interested in only a short one-shot, you may run this adventure independently, as it does not need the first part to make sense. The first part also does not require this second one. Alternatively, you can include these within a campaign for a nice side-quest.

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