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Roll20 Marketplace Product

The Mind in Flight

Author: Loremasters

Addon: Content which can be added into any game - new or existing!

Price: $12.99
This Game Addon is available in the following bundles

Imprisoned within a strange city, a band of outsiders must work together to unravel the mystery of an unsolved murder. No one can be trusted. Caught in a power struggle between both scientific and spiritual leaders, a band of makeshift investigators will either uncover their secrets or be smothered by them.

In this adventure, you’ll explore a fantastical mystery with elements of science fiction. Combat takes a backseat, while player characters gather information and key items. With the focus on character and dialogue, it’s easy to pick up this adventure as a first-time Game Master or player.

The Mind in Flight is an Open Legend adventure intended for level 1 characters, but can be played at any level with the addition of extra NPC levels or minions in combat.

You can use this adventure to kickstart a campaign or easily integrate this adventure into an ongoing campaign in Amaurea's Dawn or other worlds with a setup event that gets your party in trouble, knocked out, or otherwise detained.

This Addon includes:

All of the tokens are set up with sight for use with Dynamic Lighting.

NPCs use the Open Legend character sheet created by Jonathan Potter, aka Great Moustache / BuildAndDie


Master the art of storytelling.

We take the extra steps to make our adventures easy for new game masters and players with the classic appeal that old-school gamers are yearning for. Plug-and-play design is our specialty. We provide original token art and maps, simple overviews, and journal entries in easy-read formatting.

To browse our other great content, join our community, or follow us on social media, visit our Roll20 Publisher's Page.

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