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Massacre at Writhing Ridge

Author: Loremasters

Addon: Content which can be added into any game - new or existing!

Price: $9.99

On the border between Moondew Watch and the Mournvale Swamp, the party investigates a recent massacre at Writhing Ridge. Hired by the mysterious Mistress Dobren, they serve as an independent third party verifying or uncovering what really happened. As they pursue the Valurien aggressors, the party will either uncover the truth or serve as witless pawns in an imperialist scheme.

Massacre at Writhing Ridge is meant to be an Open Legend sandbox that can be played as a one-shot or short adventure. The module is intended for a party of 3 - 5 characters at level 1 though you can always adjust the difficulty by adding more enemies or upping their stats.

You can use this adventure to kickstart a campaign or easily integrate this adventure into an ongoing campaign in Amaurea's Dawn or your own worlds with a setup event that leads your PCs into stumbling upon or being hired to investigate the recent fighting.

This module includes:

All of the tokens are set up with sight for use with Dynamic Lighting.

NPCs use the Open Legend character sheet created by Jonathan Potter, aka Great Moustache / BuildAndDie


Master the art of storytelling.

We take the extra steps to make our adventures easy for new game masters and players with the classic appeal that old-school gamers are yearning for. Plug-and-play design is our specialty. We provide original token art and maps, simple overviews, and journal entries in easy-read formatting.

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