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Champions Complete

Author: HERO Games

Compendium Expansion: Readable and searchable in all games using this game system, and in the Compendium.

This Compendium Expansion is available in the following bundles

Get ready hero! Strap on your mask, tie on your cape, and prepare to smash, clobber and blast the forces of evil!

Champions Complete is the ultimate superhero roleplaying game allowing you to create any superhero you can imagine! Using the legendary flexibility and power of the renowned HERO System 6th Edition rules, your hero can crash through walls shouting an iconic battlecry to disrupt a bank robbery, slam a villain across a city block with a mighty blow, race across continents at blinding speeds, or build incredible gadgets and weapons from the comfort of your own secret lab.

Champions Complete belongs in the category of "Old School Renaissance" games which draw inspiration from the earliest days of tabletop RPGs, and a richness of design and complexity akin to Pathfinder, D&D 3.5, and retro clones such as OSRIC and Dungeon Crawl Classics. But don't let the label scare you, the Champions Complete rules are easy and flexible, and provide a means to run any type of superhero campaign from the nostalgic Silver Age, to the Four Color Age, or the more gritty and somber style of the Modern Age comics.

Champions Complete includes everything you need to play. New players will love the unmatched freedom of Champions Complete to create and play exactly the hero they imagine. Longtime fans will appreciate the full game system in a fraction of its former length.

The Champions Complete Compendium includes:

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