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Under the Eye of the Tempest

Author: Ancris IT

Package: A combination of art and adventure content. More detail on each item is below.

Price: $9.99

This Package Includes:

A 5e Fantasy Adventure for 19th-Level Characters and Beyond

Stop the Storm

As Leska's plans near fruition in the depths of Ragesia, an old acquaintance shows his true colors, and the coastal town of Seaquen, home of the Lyceum Academy and a rallying point for thousands of refugees, finds itself the target of a new, more dangerous attack!

Certain of his own invincibility, the wind-powered archmage Pilus seeks to destroy his old rivals, the mages of Lyceum Academy. Another storm rolls over Seaquen, but this tempest bears an army amid its thunder. As the town quakes under the dire gaze of the Tempest, Pilus's mile-long living airship, the heroes and their allies must band together in a desperate defense.

Can the heroes save Seaquen from this new threat and survive the eye of the Tempest?

The end of the War of the Burning Sky draws near, and the fate of Ragesia and the surrounding lands rests in the hands of heroes forged in the war's intrigues and battles. After recovering a lost artifact, uniting armies in defense of cities and nations, and uncovering an alien conspiracy that threatens the survival of all those who make war, the heroes still have work yet to do. The liberation of Gate Pass was a great victory for the Resistance, but it revealed a threat greater than even the Ragesian armies that still ravage the land.

The heroes have already glimpsed Pilus's weapon, the living airship known as Tempest, but its true power is only now being brought to bear. Unknown to any but Pilus and his allies, Tempest brings with it the same destructive power that nearly laid Seaquen low months ago: it is a mobile platform of destructive storm magic. The mile-long monstrosity also carries an invading army that could spell doom for the Resistance if it is allowed to occupy the city.

In Under the Eye of the Tempest, the heroes will:

The Roll20 version of Under the Eye of the Tempest includes the entire content of the 5e adventure, fully integrated into the platform. Included in the Roll20 version:

Looking for the adventures in the War of the Burning Sky campaign saga that lead to this point?

  1. The Scouring of Gate Pass
  2. The Indomitable Fire Forest of Innenotdar
  3. Shelter from the Storm
  4. The Mad King's Banquet
  5. The Monastery of Two Winds
  6. Tears of the Burning Sky
  7. Trial of Echoed Souls
  8. O, Wintry Song of Agony
  9. The Festival of Dreams
  10. Sleep, Ye Cursed Child

This adventure will work as an Addon:

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