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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Close for Comfort

Author: Dungeons on a Dime

Package: A combination of art and adventure content. More detail on each item is below.

Price: $4.99

This Package Includes:

A short one-shot or campaign, with several System-Neutral encounters. Bundle Contains:
- 5 combat maps, featuring Dynamic Lighting (set in the Sewers)
- 16 piece tile set for designing your own encounters, or modifying the premade ones
- 18 story specific characters, with portraits and tokens
- 4 additional portraits and tokens of sewer vermin
- Adventure fully organised into handouts, with illustrated player maps
- The City of Cormorant: maps and district world building

Lean in now, and let me tell you a tale of the beast o' the bog that lives in the sewers, and the adventurers that settled such a foul thing in the underbelly of our fair City of Cormorant...

Chopping Up Food
In this short adventure, your party will report to Sergeant Beauty, a retired monster-hunter-turned-city-guard saddled with an unconventional problem. The sewers are overflowing with sentient fatbergs, roguish smugglers, vermin, and the city-lords know what else. Beauty's solution? Release an even bigger monster into the aging pipes to gobble them all up. The only problem is, the damned creature is shy.

Friend or Foe?
How will your party react to the Bog Beast? What characteristics will it develop? Will they be able to keep it alive as it becomes accustomed to its new home?

Exploring Diseases Ridden Depths
Dive into the fetid sewers with 5 prebuilt encounters, and a whole tileset to tantalise your map-making taste buds. Accompanied with a host of monsters for combat, and curious denizens to talk to, there's plenty for your party to explore.

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