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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Airship & Galleon Combo Bundle

Author: Tom Cartos

Package: A combination of art and adventure content. More detail on each item is below.

Price: 5.99

This Package Includes:

The Airship & Galleon Combo Pack contains a map addon of two multi-level vessels capable of travel by sea and air with day, night, and unfurnished variants. The art pack includes 12 background textures, and 126 assets...

You'll find transparent versions of the airship and galleon levels, and unique assets to customize these or any ships across the seas, stars, or sky!

In this bundle:

The Endless Horizon - The Endless Horizon is one of the fastest sea-faring vessels of its size, able to be run by a relatively small crew and more than capable in a fight. However, this is not why it is coveted by many of the ocean's pirate crews. Stories are told in every corner of the Great Blue of the ship that can take flight! An arcane engine designed and crafted by an exceptionally gifted artificer, combined with a set of enormous retractable wing-like sails, mean that there is almost nowhere on sea or land that this unique craft cannot explore.

The Storm’s Call - Originally a simple merchant vessel, The Storm’s Call has passed through the hand of many owners in the last few decades, usually to pay off debts or via a poorly made wager. During its long years, The Storm's Call has been owned by pirates, smugglers, and a variety of other vagabonds and underworld miscreants, each augmenting the vessel with their own additions and upgrades so it now barely resembles the sleek ship that first slid out of the boatyard. All manner of armaments, extra cabins and hidden nooks decorate the hull and decks.

The largest and most recent of those enhancements is an enormous canvas balloon, as large and wide as the ship itself, that floats gently above in place of sails. At sea this functions much in the same way as the sails would, albeit a little less wieldy and slower, but it gives the ship a huge advantage over many of its counterparts, that of flight! When needed the central brazier can be boosted with arcane means, greatly increasing the hot air caught in the balloon and giving it the lift necessary to take off. Be careful though, landing again is not nearly so easy!

126 Assets including:
Artillery & Ammunition
Luggage & Cargo
Rigging & Sails
Boats & Oars
Hammocks & Bunks
Engines & Propellors
Maps & Charts
Anchors & Steering Wheels
& more!

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