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Character Creation Bundle

Author: Twitch the Fiend $7.99

This Bundle Includes:

This Twitch the Fiend bundle focuses on enhancing the character creation process of your games! It includes the Attribute Drafting, Role Assignment, and Relationship Creation systems.

The Systems

Want to see these systems in action? Check out our tutorial videos for both the Attribute Drafting and Role Assignment systems and the Relationship Creation system to discover just what makes them special!

Attribute Drafting

Do you find rolling for stats a little too chaotic or hard to balance? Is point-buy safe, but a little stale? Attribute drafting offers a new method for generating stats for your players that is both fun and balanced. This system is very newbie friendly, as it's hard to make a bad build with the cards you can draft!

With this system, each player will draft six attribute values (across three cards) and one attribute order (ranking those attribute values from highest to lowest) to help determine what kind of character they will to make. Each player can focus on what matters to them most - whether it's playing their favorite class, or just having strong stats and filling a needed party role.

Role Assignment

Are you running a one-shot or working with new players and want to zip through character creation as efficiently as possible? Role assignment allows you to deal class & stat packages to your players at lightning speeds! Each player receives two class choices from those presented in the 5e Player's Handbook (each with it's accompanying stats already set), and then simply picks the one that suits them best. This character creation system will allow you to get to the action and drama of D&D faster than any other!

Relationship Creation

Are you tired of your group's newly created parties feeling like they just met in a bar? Would you like them to feel like they've been adventuring together for months or possibly years? Maybe you want a faster and easier way for your party members to feel connected to the world you've built. Our relationship creation system helps your player's characters feel deeper and more connected than ever!

With this system, each player draws two relationship cards and places one on a hex connecting their character to those of their teammates. The other hex they can keep to connect their character to an NPC they encounter in the adventure. If that sounds simple, it's because it is! But you'll be astounded with the incredibly rich and interwoven backstories that result from this system. Don't be surprised if you and your players never want to play without this system again!

The Handouts

Each product in this bundle includes handouts explaining the usage of these systems, as well as variants and optional rules.

Print Assets

Each product in this bundle includes a PDF that contains high resolution images designed for printing, along with instructions for printing with the best results. Buy it on Roll20, and use it at home too!

About Twitch the Fiend

Twitch the Fiend is an upcoming D&D Twitch show where you get to directly influence multiple aspects of the game. You will get to decide what quests we follow, which NPCs we engage, and how we approach the world around us. It's like a "Choose Your Own Adventure" D&D game!

We also make high-quality supplements to enhance your own games, both for Roll20 and at home.

If you'd like to be notified when we create a new supplement, host contests or playtests, or when we launch our Twitch show, you can join our Discord server, subscribe to our newsletter, or follow us on twitter!

If you have a question about this add-on, or just want to say hello you can email us at


All mechanic design is by Jedd Pearce and Twitch the Fiend.

All rules referenced in these systems can be found in the official Systems Reference Document provided by Wizards of the Coast, LLC.

Artwork attribution can be found in each bundle's handouts, but the wood background used in both products was created for us by Chibbin Grove. Check their stuff out!

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