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Adventure Quarterly #5

Author: Rite Publishing $9.99

This Bundle Includes:

Are you a GM looking for some new ideas? Adventure Quarterly is a periodical series presented by Rite Publishing, the same publisher behind The Breaking of Forstor Nagar. It contains multiple modules as well as GM advice columns designed for the Pathfinder RPG ruleset.

Purchasing this bundle grants you access to the 4 different modules from Adventure Quarterly #5:

The Ruins Perilous - A location adventure for 3rd level PCs that tests the mettle of adventurers

Legacy of the Fishermage - A quest adventure for 9th level characters where the PCs get more than they bargained for on their hunt

Paradox - A campaign ending, mind-bending adventure through time for 18th level characters

Sleep, Interrupted - A single-site encounter for 8th level PCs who just want a decent night’s sleep

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