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Magento's Marvellous Waxworks

Author: DeepDark Designs

Package: A combination of art and adventure content. More detail on each item is below.

Price: $14.99

This Package Includes:

Bravely face down monstrous living waxworks in this thrilling adventure for the world's oldest roleplaying game

"Welcome, welcome, one and all, to my humble abode—my shop, gallery, and museum for all that captures my fancy, sparks my imagination, and enraptures my soul..." — Magento Baronus; Esteemed sculptor, chandler, & business proprietor

Magento's Marvellous Waxworks tells the strange and whimsical tale of a prolific sculptor whose waxwork creations come to life and turn on him. It opens with the PCs attending an exclusive masquerade ball—either as guests or 'the help'—that is beset by bizarre wax sculptures of exotic animals which have inexplicably stirred to life. It then sees them journey to the strange waxwork museum of the sculptures' eccentric creator, Magento Baronus, before finally tracing the origins of the mysterious material to a nearby warehouse where the PCs are able to resolve the curious case of the wacky wax once and for all.

The flagship adventure from DeepDark Designs, this exquisitely premium package has been designed for a party of 3-5 players of 1st level and a Game Master, and it should see the PCs reach 3rd-or-even-4th level by its conclusion. The adventure includes an abundance of extra materials, lore boxes, and guidance on how to utilise it and its contents. Oh, and your purchase unlocks the adventure's 5th Edition, Pathfinder First Edition, and Pathfinder Second Edition versions—both here and over on DriveThruRPG. But, all of that barely scratches the surface of what Magento's Marvellous Waxworks contains.


The following materials are included:

Continue reading for a more detailed breakdown of what's included:

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Thanks for taking the time to check out Magento's Marvellous Waxworks. We hope you and your players love the adventure!

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