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Arcadia Issue No. 4

Author: MCDM Productions

Package: A combination of art and adventure content. More detail on each item is below.

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This Package Includes:

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This is a package that contains all the articles from the fourth issue of ARCADIA, MCDM’s digital magazine for 5th edition GMs and players. This issue has a new location, five encounters, plus new items and monsters for use at your table. Enjoy!

This digital product includes:

Compendium Expansion: Swimming through Sand to Sea: More Mounted Adventuring by Willy Abeel. You probably remember Willy’s work from “Jumping on Mounted Combat” in ARCADIA 1. This article brings forth four new mounts known for their burrowing and swimming prowess: the axolottle,* the chuul, the bulette, and the juvenile purple worm. Plus, Willy created eight new magic items so you can take any mount out of its natural habitat and into a dank dungeon.

*A giant axolotl. A regular axolotl is too little. You can’t ride a little axolotl, you need a lotta axolotl.

Addon Location: The Chained Library by Cat Evans. A new adventure location and organization that any GM can drop into their campaigns. Far from civilization, a cabal of mage librarians guards and studies tomes too dangerous for most mortal eyes. This article includes new magic items, creatures, NPCs, and story hooks to help you bring the Chained Library into your world.

Addon Adventure: On-the-Road Encounters by Derek Ruiz. Five encounters that you can drop into your game as the characters travel from one place to another. Combat, intrigue, and more can all happen on the road and bring your world to life.

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