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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Savage Pathfinder - Saver Bundle

Author: Pinnacle Entertainment

Bundle: A combination of content. Prices are discounted based on what you already own. More detail on each item is below.

List Price: $54.98
Save 16%
Bundle Price: $45.99

This Bundle Includes:

Adventure Awaits!

An ancient and evil undead thing rises in a dark dungeon. A long-forgotten horror stirs in the dark forest. A hungry and vengeful dragon awakes in forgotten mountains. A cry for help echoes across the world of Golarion. Brave heroes —the Pathfinders— answer the call. They are crafty rogues, powerful sorcerers, and deadly fighters. They are humans, elves, dwarves, gnomes, and halflings. They are heroes!
Pathfinder for Savage Worlds combines the “Fast! Furious! Fun!” of the best-selling, award-winning Savage Worlds game system with the incredible depth and excitement of Paizo’s phenomenal Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and the world of Golarion. Create your own adventures or play one of the legendary Adventure Paths, starting with Rise of the Runelords! (ARoll20 Module Coming soon). This compendium and add on module contain the Savage Worlds rules, specially tailored for the world of Golarion. All you need is Roll20 and some excellent friends to share your adventures with!

This compendium contains:

Pathfinder® for Savage Worlds Bestiary

Over 240 foul beasts and terrifying monsters to plague the nightmares of even the most hardy adventurer. This compendium is a vital resource for devious GMs!

The Roll20 version of Pathfinder® for Savage Worlds Bestiary allows you to drag & drop creature tokens from the book into your pre-existing adventures. You can also browse the web version of the Compendium with gorgeous book inspired formatting for easy viewing of stats and abilities.

In addition to pre-made creatures from Pathfinder® lore, the Compendium allows GMs to drag & drop Special Abilities onto the character sheet. Need that Undead Dragon with Tentacles? No problem, drag the abilities on to the sheet as needed!


Round tokens with art from the book where available, automatically configured and sized base on the creatures stats
Fully configured character sheets for each drag & drop monsters
Full drag-and-drop integration for Special Abilities with the Official Savage Worlds Character Sheet by Pinnacle
Terrify and challenge your adventurers today!

Macros & Table aids to help the game run smoothly and look great!

*This is a complete rule set. You do not need the Savage Worlds Core Rules Compendium to use Pathfinder for Savage Worlds, though it adds further functionality if it is owned.

i Can only be used with Roll20; cannot be downloaded.

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