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Become a Creator

If you're interested in becoming a creator/seller on the Roll20 Marketplace, please read the FAQ below and follow the instructions it contains to contact us for more information. Thanks for your interest in the Roll20 Marketplace!

How does the Marketplace work?

The Roll20 Marketplace exists as a distribution center, promoting professional level content. You retain ownership of your content and take 70% of all sales (with the remaining 30% going to Roll20 for distributing, advertising, and hosting the content, along with handling all credit card transaction fees).

When are creators paid?

All creators owed are paid on or before the seventh of every month. All payments are issued via PayPal and a valid PayPal email is required.

What sort of content is Roll20 interested in?

We are interested in good content. Premium things that users will be interested in having for their games.

Are you only interested in paid items? Why not free content?

The creators of Roll20 make more money off of subscriptions each month than they have made off the marketplace in total-- but we are fine with that because we want the content creators to be making the money off of their content. These elements have led us to the following beliefs:

  • If content is worth hosting, it's probably worth payment.
  • If content is good, it probably took an effort to make that's worth being rewarded monetarily.
  • Free content can undervalue paid content, hurting other creators.

There are some limited exceptions to this philosophy, but that handles most cases.

How do I apply to join the Marketplace?

In order apply to be a Roll20 Marketplace creator, you must be eligible to work in the US and you will be required to fill out a W-9 (US) or a W-8BEN (International). Internationally-based creators are welcome to apply!

You are welcome to apply to the Marketplace by emailing us at with your artwork samples (they don't have to specifically be for the tabletop - any portfolio items that establish your skill will do) and an idea of what sort of content you would like to provide. Please attach several individual .jpg or .png files for us to review. Please do not share links, attach .zip folders, or files over 15mb. If your email does not include art samples in these formats, it will be ignored.

What happens if I'm accepted?

You will be required to complete a W-9 for US residents or a W-8BEN for International and a Merchant Agreement to review and return to us near the completion of your first content pack. We will then prep a page for you to upload and tag your content. From there, we will push it live to our Marketplace!

Do you sell full adventures / modules / games?

Yes, but only complete packages. You will need to have all the necessary artwork components and publishing rights to sell a full experience that we expect to sell in a "one click" method to users. You will also be expected to assemble your game within Roll20 (no programming required-- just taking the time to assemble the game within the interface as if you were prepping it for players). Please e-mail us to discuss bringing your game to the Marketplace.

What are the technical specifications of Roll20 artwork?

See here for more information: Creating Marketplace Assets.