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Phenomenal Frost

Author: The MAD Cartographer $4.99 USD

Wrap up warm for this next map set that will take you into the domain of the Fros-.... the Queen of Ice, as she traps the sleepy townships of... Frostbreeze Vale.. in endless wintery night! These 15 arctic maps will support any adventure heading into such a locale, from a lake ferry frozen to the dockside, a tribal camp of nomadic hunters, an abandoned fishing hole, a blank open lake and frozen variant, and a huge 48x22 map with a goblin wagon!

This pack comes with two rowboats to use on your lake map, as well as the rooftop for the Frozen Ferry which can be removed to reveal the interior of the cabin (it comes in a day and night version to accommodate both map variants).

All my maps are under 5mb for free Roll20 users and come with multiple variants for each location in both gridded and ungridded map options.

Core Maps

Ice Tribal Camp
Frozen Ferry
Goblin Wagon
Knucklhead Trout Fishing Hole
Blank Lake / Blank Frozen Lake

Bonus Assets

Rowboat (Oars Down)
Rowboat (Oars Up)
Ferry Roof (Day & Night)

34 Items Included in Phenomenal Frost

MAD-PhenomFrost-15x15-NoGrid-Knucklhead-Fishing-Day lake

MAD-PhenomFrost-15x15-NoGrid-Knucklhead-Fishing-Night lake

MAD-PhenomFrost-15x15-SqGrid-Knucklhead-Fishing-Day lake

MAD-PhenomFrost-15x15-SqGrid-Knucklhead-Fishing-Night lake

MAD-PhenomFrost-20x20-NoGrid-Frozen-Ferry-Day-NoRoof dock

MAD-PhenomFrost-20x20-NoGrid-Frozen-Ferry-Day-Roof dock

MAD-PhenomFrost-20x20-NoGrid-Frozen-Ferry-Night-NoRoof dock

MAD-PhenomFrost-20x20-NoGrid-Frozen-Ferry-Night-Roof dock

MAD-PhenomFrost-20x20-NoGrid-Ice-Lake-Empty water

MAD-PhenomFrost-20x20-NoGrid-Ice-Tribe-Camp-Aurora orc

MAD-PhenomFrost-20x20-NoGrid-Ice-Tribe-Camp-Day orc

MAD-PhenomFrost-20x20-NoGrid-Ice-Tribe-Camp-Night orc

MAD-PhenomFrost-20x20-NoGrid-Lake-Empty water

MAD-PhenomFrost-20x20-SqGrid-Frozen-Ferry-Day-NoRoof dock

MAD-PhenomFrost-20x20-SqGrid-Frozen-Ferry-Day-Roof dock

MAD-PhenomFrost-20x20-SqGrid-Frozen-Ferry-Night-NoRoof dock

MAD-PhenomFrost-20x20-SqGrid-Frozen-Ferry-Night-Roof dock

MAD-PhenomFrost-20x20-SqGrid-Ice-Lake-Empty water

MAD-PhenomFrost-20x20-SqGrid-Ice-Tribe-Camp-Aurora orc

MAD-PhenomFrost-20x20-SqGrid-Ice-Tribe-Camp-Day orc

MAD-PhenomFrost-20x20-SqGrid-Ice-Tribe-Camp-Night orc

MAD-PhenomFrost-20x20-SqGrid-Lake-Empty water


caravan snow ice


caravan snow ice


caravan snow ice


caravan snow ice


caravan snow ice


caravan snow ice


caravan snow ice


caravan snow ice


water ship vehicle


water ship vehicle


water ship vehicle


water ship vehicle

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