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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Ocean, Islands, and Ships Maps & Assets

Author: Limithron

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $4.99

This pack contains 11 read to use maps, 19 Ship Tokens for naval combat, and 50 Assets for making you own maps and encounters.

About The Maps
-All maps are 45x45 square at 140ppi
-The intended scale when using Ship Tokens is 50ft per square, but they could be used at any scale!
Included Maps:
Open Water Original
Archipelago Tropical
Legend and Above
Big Island
Oceanic Trench
Blue Hole
Open Water Ocean
Open Water Tropical
Archipelago Original

Included Assets:
3 Different Water Mats (Original, Ocean, and Tropical) without Water Textures so you animate your water
10 Islands and Land Masses
4 Kelp Forests
4 Whirlpools
3 Shipwrecks
3 Blue Holes
7 Coral Reefs
3 Eldritch Mists (Ghost Fog, Shadowfell Fog, & Wild Magic Fog)
3 Regular Fog Clouds
1 Seaside Fort
1 Jungle Temple
Kraken Grave
Lure Lights
3 Sandbars

Included Ship Tokens
Most are 2"x4", or 100ft x 200ft in game terms.
5 Frigates (Original, Black, Red, Cross, and Ghost Ship)
8 Sloops (Original, Black, Blue , Green, Red, Patchwork, Derelict, Ghost)
6 Brand New Ship Tokens Previewing upcoming releases - 1st Rate Galleon, 3rd Ship of the Line, Brigantine, Tartane, Ship's Boat, and Ding (Legend Level Patrons and Higher)

79 Items Included in Ocean, Islands, and Ships Maps & Assets

Kelp Forest 1

ocean seaweed kelp

Shipwreck Frigate

underwater shipwreck frigate

Shipwreck Galleon

galleon underwater shipwreck

Coral 6

terrain coral underwater

Coral 4

terrain coral underwater

Whirlpool Rank 3

water ocean whirlpool


shipwreck sloop

Kelp Forest 3

seaweed underwater kelp

Whirlpool Rank 2

water ocean whirlpool

Whirlpool Rank 1

ocean whirlpool

Kelp Forest 2

ocean seaweed kelp

Lure Lights

ocean hazard lure lights

Island 2

ocean island tropical

Island 8

ocean island tropical


terrain ocean blue hole

Eldritch Mist Shadowfell Fog

fog shadowfell eldritch mist

Island 3

ocean island tropical

Island 6

ocean island tropical

Coral 1

coral underwater reef

Island 1

ocean island tropical

FX Water Surface

texture water fx


ocean underwater blue hole

Island 4

ocean island tropical

Water Map Original 45x45

water sea ocean

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