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Band of Blades: Token Set

Author: Evil Hat Productions

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

List Price: $7.59
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Band of Blades: The Road to Skydagger Keep. The Legion is in retreat following a failed battle against the armies of the undead. You are a member of the Legion, your bonds to one another forged in the dark by bone and blood.

Our numbers are few, our supplies are low, and every operation is a deadly risk—but if any chance exists to make a difference in the outcome of the war, it is this cohort, the only remaining hope, this bloody band of blades!

What's Included

283 Items Included in Band of Blades: Token Set

BoB20 Token55

BoB20 Token56

BoB20 Token57

BoB20 Token58

BoB20 Token59

BoB20 Token60

BoB20 Token61

BoB20 Token62

BoB20 Token63

BoB20 Token64

BoB20 Token65

BoB20 Token66

BoB20 Token67

BoB20 Token68

BoB20 Token69

BoB20 Token70

BoB20 Token71

BoB20 Token72

BoB20 Token73

BoB20 Token74

BoB20 Token75

BoB20 Token76

BoB20 Token77

BoB20 Token78

BoB20 Token79

BoB20 Token80

BoB20 Token81

BoB20 Token82

BoB20 Token83

BoB20 Token84

BoB20 Token85

BoB20 Token86

BoB20 Token87

BoB20 Token88

BoB20 Token89

BoB20 Token90

BoB20 Token91

BoB20 Token92

BoB20 Token93

BoB20 Token94

BoB20 Token95

BoB20 Token96

BoB20 Token97

BoB20 Token98

BoB20 Token99

BoB20 Token100

BoB20 Token101

BoB20 Token102

BoB20 Token103

BoB20 Token104

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