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The Great Library [Part 3] - Battlemap

Author: Eightfold Paper $4.99 USD

You wake up in a haze... blindfolded and feel a rope tightly wrapped around your arms and legs, restraining you. Your mind races to make sense of it all, but your senses are clearly disturbed. You hear the echo of clanking metal from armor and feel yourself being dragged down a cold, stone-hard staircase. You remember being close to uncovering something big in the restricted area of The Great Library, but what happened after? Did you blackout? Did you get caught at the last moment before uncovering a great secrecy? You are left to ponder.

You hear a roaring crowd in the distance and it seems to grow closer. A loud metal gate opens before you. The cheering grows to a ravenous level.

A splash of cold water hits your face while your rope is untied and blindfold removed. Your eyes have trouble adjusting to the bright lights that shine down on you. You hold out your hand to block some of the light and look around. You notice many eyes locked on you. Several important figures from nearby townships, underground leaders, and renowned wizards occupy the upper level. “Where am I?” you think to yourself. You notice you are standing at the center of some kind of… arena? A frenzied wizard stands before you and a countdown can be heard. “Ah, I see,” you think out loud. You finally figured it out at the very last moment. You are in a show for the enjoyment of the magically inclined and the rich… and you are the star.

What kind of big baddies would you use to challenge your players? What are your plans for this underground library map?

Grid size: 31x21
Formats: JPG (9300x6300 pixels)
Variations: Original, Midnight, Eldritch Altar, Eldritch Fire, Relic Gold

5 Items Included in The Great Library [Part 3] - Battlemap


eldritch altar arena wizard


eldritch fire arena wizard


midnight arena wizard


library arena wizard


relic gold arena wizard

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