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Shambles' Fantasy Villagers

Author: Shambles $4.99

Welcome, brave adventurer!

Give your village some personality and rustic charm with these lovingly hand-drawn stylised digital miniatures!

Be sure to check out my creator page for more tokens in this style!

30 Items Included in Shambles' Fantasy Villagers

Monk or Friar

commoner cleric priest


vagabond commoner

Hooded Villager

commoner npc villager


commoner npc bard

Stout Man

commoner npc villager

Wild Boar

farm beast animal

Woodland Man

commoner npc villager

Town Guard

npc guard villager


gentleman commoner villager


commoner backpack npc

Black Terrier

beast dog animal

Burly Tavernkeeper

commoner npc merchant

Burly Blacksmith

commoner npc merchant

General Store Owner

commoner npc merchant

Wise Old Hag

commoner npc witch

Orange Calico Cat

beast cat animal

Surly Old Man

commoner npc villager

Snooty Baker

commoner npc merchant

Dairy Maid

commoner npc merchant

Field Girl

commoner npc villager


rat beast animal


bouvine beast animal


sheep beast animal

Sagely Old Timer

commoner npc villager

Rugged Adventurer

commoner npc villager

Working Woman

commoner npc villager


commoner npc villager


commoner npc villager

Bowl Cut Villager

commoner npc villager

Fancy Hooded Villager

comomner npc villager

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