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Chibi NPCs - Character Pack 3 [Tokens]

Author: Ben N. $4.99

18 high quality NPC tokens with 4 border colors each (red, blue, green, gray)!

Make sure to check out my other tokens, too!

72 Items Included in Chibi NPCs - Character Pack 3 [Tokens]

Droman Morik-Green

dragonborn red dragon

Droman Morik-Red

halfdragon dragonborn male

Goddec Graytop-Blue

beard male dwarf

Goddec Graytop-Gray

dwarf cleric cleric dwarf

Goddec Graytop-Green

man old dwarf

Goddec Graytop-Red

magician dwarf mage

Kanya Ratana-Blue

karate woman monk

Kanya Ratana-Gray

monk female warrior

Kanya Ratana-Green

unarmed woman warrior

Kanya Ratana-Red

girl monk warrior

Kimble Porra-Blue

tiefling red warrior

Kimble Porra-Gray

tiefling man fighter

Kimble Porra-Green

tiefling red spear

Kimble Porra-Red

tiefling red spear

Lorik Salt-Blue

katana beard wolf

Lorik Salt-Gray

two swords dual-wield wolf

Lorik Salt-Green

wolf pelt viking warrior

Lorik Salt-Red

katana samurai wolf

Malik Zaher-Blue

blades mask fighter

Malik Zaher-Gray

two swords mask warrior

Malik Zaher-Green

swords ranger desert

Malik Zaher-Red

saber cutlass cloak

Neena Lancaster-Blue

doppleganger changeling woman

Neena Lancaster-Gray

doppleganger changeling female

Neena Lancaster-Green

changeling rogue changeling rogue

Neena Lancaster-Red

changeling rogue female

Pennywise Bruce-Blue

archer female ranger

Pennywise Bruce-Gray

scout female bow

Pennywise Bruce-Green

scout arrow bow

Pennywise Bruce-Red

redhead woman ranger

Ruvona Halfheart-Blue

halfling woman dwarf

Ruvona Halfheart-Gray

fighter female dwarf

Ruvona Halfheart-Green

cleric female dwarf

Ruvona Halfheart-Red

paladin woman dwarf

Sir Bastion Tell-Blue

plate knight armor

Sir Bastion Tell-Gray

sir helmet spike

Sir Bastion Tell-Green

plate mail paladin fighter

Sir Bastion Tell-Red

plate mail fighter knight

Swiper Tock-Blue

kenku thief rogue

Swiper Tock-Gray

kenku thief rogue

Swiper Tock-Green

bird man birdman bird

Swiper Tock-Red

bird thief rogue

Terquem Lee-Blue

wheelchair archer ranger

Terquem Lee-Gray

wheelchair archer bow

Terquem Lee-Green

scout ranger bow

Terquem Lee-Red

arrow fighter bow

Thonin Darkbane-Blue

helmet shield dwarf

Thonin Darkbane-Gray

beard viking dwarf

Thonin Darkbane-Green

helmet viking shield

Thonin Darkbane-Red

beard viking warrior

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