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Horrors from the Grave

Author: Eugene's Workshop $4.99 USD

Ever wondered why all the zombies are human?
Ever got the urge to attack your players with some rabid halflings?
Ever wanted to create a dwarf skeleton army?
Now you can!!
Lure your players into deadly ambush with a harmless-looking Will-o-Wisp, let them get into an ancient crypt only to find themselves surrounded by horde of mummies or show your heroes a true face of death with horrific Nightwalker...
An essential pack for any undead-based adventure.

25 unique tokens of undead for any macabre adventure, be it a heroic defence against a powerful lich lord or a dangerous trip to the Shadowfell itself.

25 Items Included in Horrors from the Grave


floating skull flameskull burning


will-o-wisp wisp sprite


banshee wraith witch


necromancer lich wizard


boneclaw immortal horror


nightwalker shadowfell nightmare

Skeletal Juggernaut

skeletal juggernaut bone construct

Human Skeleton

animated skeleton human

Dwarven Skeleton

undead dwarf animated skeleton dwarf skeleton

Halfling Skeleton

gnomish skeleton halfling skeleton

Tiefling Skeleton

tiefling skeleton horned demon

Skull Lord

skull lord warlord undead

Minotaur Skeleton

beastmen minotaur skeleton bull


indentured spirit avatar of death grim reaper

Mummy Lord

mummy lord pharaoh egyptian


sand zombie wrapped mummy

Flesh Golem

flesh golem frankenstein meat

Zombie Human

ghoul undead zombie

Zombie Dwarf

dwarf ghoul dwarven zombie zombie dwarf

Zombie Halfling

gnomish undead zombie gnome zombie halfling

Zombie Armored

undead guard armored zombie soldier

Zombie Drowned

underwater zombie bloated corpse drowner

Ghost Man

apparitionpng spectral ghost

Ghost Woman

phantom specter ghost

Grave Digger

grave digger undertaker cemetery

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