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Merchant Store

Author: Eightfold Paper $4.99

Whether you’re looking for (cursed) trinkets in Webster’s Curiosity Store, fantastical potions from Frivolous Brews or for cutting-edge swords at Murdok’s Weaponry… the Merchant Store could be transformed in any store befitting your campaigns and becomes your one-stop shop.

Enter the Merchant’s Store, brazen adventurers, and find what you need in tall wooden racks, firm cabinets, or splayed out on one of the many tables. Make sure to bring enough dime or you’ll be thrown out the backdoor! Happy shopping.

Grid size: 23x12
Formats: JPG, PDF (6900x3600 pixels, 300 DPI)
Variations: Magic Shop (Day/Night), Weapon Shop (Day/Night)

4 Items Included in Merchant Store


shop books magic


shop books magic


potions shop weapons


potions shop weapons

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