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The Forgotten Temple of Nine Eyes [Part 3] - Battlemap

Author: Eightfold Paper $4.99

You blaze through the ethereal ruins and have now entered its innermost sanctuary, a large circular area embellished with massive, stone arches. Oddly, eight staircases point to the round plateau surrounded by water. You notice and are unnerved to see parts of these grand ruins destroyed so unnaturally, what could have caused it?

Lilies adorn the water’s surface, but hide the ruin’s darker depths. You walk closer and take a peek, and to your surprise see human skulls bedeck the floor.
More and more signs are pointing to the hidden nature of these deceptive ruins. Before you can make heads or tails of it, you hear the slithering sounds of incoming danger. Now, before you, appears an ancient monstrous serpent with scales the size of a shield, teeth ready to rip into its prey, and nine piercing eyes that seem to rattle the mind.

Amidst danger, it has become clear to you that the greedy god, Azan’ Iz, just as these ruins that led you into its den, is one large-scale deception.

What secrets are you ready to hide in these ruins? What do you think will happen to the party next?

Grid size: 19x25
Formats: JPG (3800x4998 pixels)
Variations: Day, Night, Mist, Sunset

4 Items Included in The Forgotten Temple of Nine Eyes [Part 3] - Battlemap


temple jungle ruins


temple jungle ruins


temple jungle ruins


temple jungle ruins

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