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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Apocalyptic Furnishings

Author: DMS Creations $5.99

when you hear the word Apocalypse, Everyone jumps to Zombies....
Why do Zombies always have all the fun? There are many more types of apocalypses than that: Plague, famine, war, alien invasion,
But whatever the genre of the crisis, there are always remnants of civilization laying about.

80+ tokens of varies furnishings, toys and junk in both Top Down and Front Facing views, to design your world your way.

DMS Creations

88 Items Included in Apocalyptic Furnishings

AF1 40 TD

makeshift baseball bludgeon weapon

AF1 41 FF

front facing sofa couch

AF1 41 TD

top down sofa couch

AF1 42 FF

front facing sign warning

AF1 42 TD

topdown sign warning

AF1 43 FF

front facing pallets junk

AF1 43 TD

top down pallets junk

AF1 44 TD

top down debris leaves

AF1 45 TD

top down debris rubble

AF1 46 TD

top down junk wood

AF1 47 FF

book shelf front facing furniture

AF1 47 TD

book shelf top down furniture

AF1 01 FF

front facing toys books

AF1 01 TD

top down toys books

AF1 02 FF

front facing toy junk

AF1 02 TD

top down toy junk

AF1 03 FF

front facing toy junk

AF1 03 TD

topdown toy junk

AF1 05 TD

topdown toy lamp

AF1 06 TD

top down toy lamp

AF1 07 FF

jack-in-the-box front facing toy

AF1 07 TD

jack-in-the-box top down toy

AF1 08 FF

jack-in-the-box front facing toy

AF1 08 TD

jack-in-the-box top down toy

AF1 09 FF

front facing toy crawler

AF1 09 TD

topdown toy crawler

AF1 10 FF

front facing toy crawler

AF1 10 TD

top down toy crawler

AF1 11 FF

front facing toilet bathroom

AF1 11 TD

top down toilet bathroom

AF1 12 FF

thermos front facing flask

AF1 12 TD

thermos top down flask

AF1 13 FF

front facing table furniture

AF1 13 TD

top down table furniture

AF1 14 FF

broken table furniture

AF1 14 TD

broken table furniture

AF1 15 FF

sofa couch furniture

AF1 15 TD

sofa couch furniture

AF1 16 TD

top down floor covering rug

AF1 17 TD

mattress old furniture

AF1 18 FF

front facing debris trash

AF1 18 TD

top down debris trash

AF1 19 FF

front facing tin food

AF1 19 TD

top down tin food

AF1 19a FF

food tin front facing food

AF1 20 TD

food tin top down food

AF1 21 FF

front facing dresser furniture

AF1 21 TD

top down dresser furniture

AF1 22 FF

front facing room divider furniture

AF1 22 TD

top down room divider furniture

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