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Chibi NPCs - Character Pack 1 [Tokens]

Author: Ben N. $4.99

This is a set of 18 NPC tokens, with 4 token colors each.

72 Items Included in Chibi NPCs - Character Pack 1 [Tokens]

Acelynn Capel-Blue

blue female warrior

Acelynn Capel-Gray

female warrior armor

Acelynn Capel-Green

helmet female armor

Acelynn Capel-Red

helmet female warrior

Andrei Garin-Blue

slavic knife mustache

Andrei Garin-Gray

smile killer knife

Andrei Garin-Green

killer knife mustache

Andrei Garin-Red

assassin knife mustache


beard merchant hat


bag hat money


worker seller merchant


worker seller hat

Flavius Pavo-Blue

gladiator roman helmet

Flavius Pavo-Gray

gladiator roman spear

Flavius Pavo-Green

helmet spear shield

Flavius Pavo-Red

gladiator male shield


beer bear halfling


teddy bear teddy halfling


beer bear halfling


beer bear halfling

Gashasa Harrim-Blue

froggy frogman frog

Gashasa Harrim-Gray

bullywug frog spear

Gashasa Harrim-Green

reptile amphibian green

Gashasa Harrim-Red

bullywug reptile amphibian

Kem Proudheart-Blue

red hair hammer dwarf

Kem Proudheart-Gray

hammer female dwarf

Kem Proudheart-Green

girl red dwarf

Kem Proudheart-Red

woman hammer dwarf

Kol Craw-Blue

tiefling demon sorceror

Kol Craw-Gray

tiefling imp wizard

Kol Craw-Green

tiefling imp spell

Kol Craw-Red

sorceror magic wizard

Misty Watts-Blue

halfling red thief

Misty Watts-Gray

halfling red thief

Misty Watts-Green

leather thief woman

Misty Watts-Red

woman rogue female

Nanami Kurogane-Blue

samurai hat female

Nanami Kurogane-Gray

katana woman female

Nanami Kurogane-Green

katana samurai woman

Nanami Kurogane-Red

japanese woman female

Nordan Surin-Blue

beard sword warrior

Nordan Surin-Gray

beard sword warrior

Nordan Surin-Green

samurai fighter sword

Nordan Surin-Red

beard fighter sword

Pinna Silver-Blue

female elf bow

Pinna Silver-Gray

woman elf bow

Pinna Silver-Green

girl elf bow

Pinna Silver-Red

blonde woman elf

Sid Briggs-Blue

detective beard orc

Sid Briggs-Gray

detective half-orc sword

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