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Chibi NPCs - Character Pack 1 [Figures]

Author: Ben N. $4.99

These are 18 Chibi NPC figures. They're all really interesting characters that give you a ton of ideas for backstories just by looking at them!

18 Items Included in Chibi NPCs - Character Pack 1 [Figures]

Spurious Prock

inventor alchemist scientist

Ulmar of Oakenguard

raider wolf goblin

Uvras Grimonar

magician sorceror wizard

Yin Mey

woman female axe

Acelynn Capel

woman female armor

Andrei Garin

man knife male


merchant man male

Flavius Pavo

gladiator spear shield


teddy beer halfling

Gashasa Harrim

frogperson bullywug spear

Kem Proudheart

hammer female dwarf

Kol Craw

tiefling imp sorceror

Misty Watts

leather thief female

Nanami Kurogane

katana samurai female

Nordan Surin

katana samurai male

Pinna Silver

female elf bow

Sid Briggs

detective orc sword

Sophie Adanine

princess sorceress female

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