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Monsters from the Dark

Author: Eugene's Workshop $4.99

What is it in the shadows? Or maybe there is something behind that rock? Nowhere is safe with all the monsters lurking about!
This pack contains classic fantasy monsters, an essential asset for any dungeon master. Use ruthless sorrowsworn to give hero parties a real challenge. Ambush them with cunning spider-like creatures. Surprise your unsuspecting players with sudden mimics jumping at them!
Token pack includes 25 unique monster tokens + 3 additional chest variations so you could make a "random" chest on a map as inconspicuous as possible.

28 Items Included in Monsters from the Dark

The Hungry

sorrowsworn monstrosity hungry

The Lost

horrific sorrowsworn lost

The Lonely

sorrowsworn lonely whip

The Angry

sorrowsworn hooks angry

The Wretched

sorrowsworn wretched pack


banderhobb hoodlum toad


froghemoth amphibian massive


grick worm underground

Spider Shark

spider shark amphibian underwater

Hook Horror

hook horror intimidating beak


choldrith arachnid spider


chitine underdark knives


disturbing ettercap fat


doppelganger changeling humanoid


decapus octopus tentacles


basilisk cockatrice winged

Deep Crow

ancient deep crow shadow feathers


tlincalli arthropod scorpion


ankheg burrowing insect

Rust Monster

corrosive rust monster insectoid


kruthik reptile desert

Mimic Book Open

agressive mimic open

Mimic Book Closed

mimic camouflage book

Mimic Chest Open

mimic spooky teeth

Mimic Chest Closed

mimic chest closed hidden

Mimic Chest Closed Dark

mimic ambush chest

Mimic Chest Closed Drawn

mimic chest sharp drawn

Mimic Chest Closed Vague

blurred dower chest mimic

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