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Battle Maps 3D: WW2

Author: RPG Fantasy Graphics $5.99

In this set you have 10 maps that are designed in reference to World War 2; ww2. There are 4 maps that contain trenches that you can use for your battles across fields or ambushes when you're down and dirty. You also have 4 city maps that you can use for battling in the city when things get rough. Finally you can invade a shipment yard and have 2 maps to have combat take place around shipment containers.

10 Items Included in Battle Maps 3D: WW2

WW2_Battle Royale 30x30

world war history city

WW2_Battlefields Trenches 30x30

history battlefield war

WW2_City Seige 30x30

historical city war

WW2_Field Trench 30x30

tanks war military

WW2_Open Shipment 30x30

history shipment depot

WW2_Reinforcements Trenches 30x30

defense battle fields

WW2_Shipment Run 30x30

depot supply storage

WW2_Tank Incoming 30x30

wars tank military

WW2_Trenches Warfare 30x30

countries history battle

WW2_Underwar 30x30

soldiers historical military

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