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Battle Maps 3D: Fantasy

Author: RPG Fantasy Graphics $5.99

Here are 10 amazing 3d 30x30 dnd or fantasy based maps that create a interesting story for any adventuring group.

Alter Cliffs: There’s something brewing in the works and you only have so much time left before the stones become one with energy filling the air. What will happen next?
Copper Mine: You know your group is about to investigate the mine nearby but will they be able to take out the guards to enter or will it be doom?
Double Towers: When things are shady you never know what to expect perhaps people are shooting out the windows and attacking each side of the castle. Can you hold up and make a plan to escape?
Glyphed Forest: Now you know you always encounter a person trying to summon something nasty in the middle of the forest, perhaps a demon?
King of the Hill: Perhaps you need something a little more laid back and just need a few cliffs to climb and have a cool encounter with, I foresee some rock giants!
Rising Cliffs: There always that passage way up the mountain and you never quite sure how to make a map for it. Well here is the perfect place to have them stroll up, perhaps even something at the top throwing down boulders.
Ruins Road: Every once in a while you find yourself crossing some old ruins, and this is a perfect place for an ambush as the group makes their way past.
Spiked Glyph: You have a wonderful ledge leading up to a spiked glyph and alter in front to have your caster begin summoning something truly evil.
Stone Hinge: When isn’t it a beautiful thing, but its always a great place for portals to the Netherlands or somewhere worse.
Tower Cliffs: Perhaps the group just needs to make it to one of the towers at the top of a cliff to stop a badguy on the run, but can they do it safely?

In addition there are two maps that stack on top of each other and can be used for a ballroom event that you might showcase for a party. Size for these is shown as tiles.

12 Items Included in Battle Maps 3D: Fantasy

Alter Cliffs 30x30

alter battlemap fantasy map

Copper Mine 30x30

pickaxe miner dnd fantasy map

Double Towers 30x30

complete rpg tower fantasy map

Glyphed Forest 30x30

30x glyph fantasy scifi map

King of the Hill 30x30

custom cliff mountain plain large fantasy map

Rising Cliffs 30x30

range mountain path fantasy map

Ruins Road 30x30

encounter catacombs road maps fantasy map

Spiked Glyph 30x30

summoning spikes stone fantasy map

Stone Hinge 30x30

irish worship fantasy map

Tower Cliffs 30x30

building large fantasy structure map

01 Ballroom Bottom Floor

ballroom fantasy map

02 Ballroom Top floor

ballroom fantasy map

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