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Samhain 3

Author: Kiel Thompson $5.99

Ddraig Goch's Samhain Pack 3

This product depicts 62 uniquely designed 3D rendered tokens to be used in your fantasy role-playing games. To err is human to arggggg is zombie!

This pack includes the following.



You may find additional Samhain content via
Samhain Pack 1 and Samhain Pack 2

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62 Items Included in Samhain 3

Bat Swarm

swarming realistic flying


realistic single flying

Bed with Furs

pillows purple rustic

Black Spider 1

realistic furry scary

Black Spider 2

realistic furry scary

Black Spider 3

goo ichor dead

Blood Spatter

realistic splatter red


thigh single horror

Boogyman 1

silence creepy scary

Boogyman 2

silence creepy scary

Boogyman 3

silence creepy dead

Closed Chest

lockedbox trunk wood

Coffin Bones 1

grouped bundled grave

Coffin Bones 2

heaped bundled grave

Coffin Closed

holy grave wooden

Coffin Open

holy grave wooden

Creature From The Deep 1

lagoon bog swamp

Creature From The Deep 2

lagoon bog swamp


scythe cloaked undead

Demon Mage 1

casting staff wizard

Demon Mage 2

staff wizard dead

Demon Skeleton 1

tail undead shield

Demon Skeleton 2

horns undead mace

Devil 1

demon armored horns

Devil 2

kneeling demon horns

Devil 3

demon horns dead

Fallen Skeleton 1

demon wings undead

Fallen Skeleton 2

slain wings undead

Fire Spider 1

attacking furry red

Fire Spider 2

furry fighting red

Fire Spider 3

goo dead blood

Fog 1

mist smog smoke

Fog 2

mist smog smoke

Frank 1

frankenstein golem monster

Frank 2

frankenstein golem monster

Frank 3

slain frankenstein golem

Gore 1

intestines guts bloody

Gore 2

intestines guts bloody

Horned Demon 1

oni devil horns

Horned Demon 2

slain oni devil

Mutant 1

clawed-hand mutation demon

Mutant 2

clawed-hand mutation demon

Mutant 3

slain mutation demon

Open Chest

contents trunk treasure

Plague Spider 1

furry diseased infected

Plague Spider 2

furry diseased infected

Plague Spider 3

diseased dead blood

Pumpkin Head 1

jack scarecrow creature

Pumpkin Head 2

jack scarecrow creature

Pumpkin Head 3

slain jack scarecrow

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