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Forest Fiends & Friends

Author: JoyByJoey $4.99

An animal's piercing cry breaks the eerie silence of the autumn forest.

Rustling feathers accompany a rush of wind overhead.
Reflective scales sparkle in the sunlight from beneath the river's surface.
A pair of glowing eyes stare intently from the dark undergrowth on the other side of the river.
Majestic creatures and fearsome monsters lurk in the forest depths.
Will you find them, or will they find you?

More mysteries to unravel can be found here in other packs available from DMMedia!

75 Items Included in Forest Fiends & Friends

Aasimar Protector Warlock

glaive dagger warrior fantasy token

Aasimar Scourge Paladin

tyr shield axe fantasy token

Ancient Armadillo

shell prehistoric spike fantasy token

Angry Mist Elemental

air monster fantasy creature token

Ant Queen

bug insect royal fantasy token

Ant Worker

grunt bug insect fantasy token


wings cave fantasy creature token

Booger Man

elemental monster fantasy creature token

Bridge Troll

staff monster fantasy creature token

Bush Boar

swine hog pig fantasy token

Corrupted Treant

mosnter wood fantasy creature token

Dryad Female

nymph forest tree fantasy token


bird flying fantasy creature token

Egg Clutch

nest animal fantasy creature token

Electric Eel

shocking fish water fantasy token

Empty Cart

carriage wagon fantasy vehicle token

Farmer Human Male

rancher pitchfork beard fantasy token

Flying Goat

fly wings animal fantasy token

Forest Rhino

monster animal fantasy creature token


orange red animal fantasy token

Goblin Hook Bandit

grapple kobold green fantasy token

Golden Android

construct machine robot fantasy token


primate monkey ape fantasy token

Grizzly Bear

wild brown animal fantasy token

Hemo Goblin

red bandit spear fantasy token


mammal aquatic animal fantasy token

Horse Domesticated

steed riding animal fantasy token

Horse Pulling Cart

steed wagon animal fantasy token

Horse Wild

steed mount animal fantasy token

Human Arcane Wizard

magic caster staff fantasy token

Human Male Traveler

rich royal noble fantasy token

Human Male Traveler

nomad hiker explorer fantasy token


jackrabbit mythical animal fantasy token

Large Catfish

fish water animal fantasy token

Lightning Bird

thunder monster fantasy creature token

Longhorn Cow

oxen livestock cattle fantasy token

Lowbass School

fish swarm water fantasy token


deer elk antlers fantasy token

Mosquito Bat

bug hybrid flying fantasy token

Mosquito Swarm

cloud bug insect fantasy token

Moss Monster

green swamp fantasy creature token


predator fish water fantasy token

Ninja Assassin

shuriken samurai fighter fantasy token

Odd Cube

construct machine crate fantasy token

Oni Demon

blue club mace fantasy token

Oni Demon

ogre unarmed red fantasy token

Pixie Swarm

cloud fairy sprite fantasy token


pest rodent animal fantasy token

Rainbow Speeder Ship

hover fly fantasy vehicle token

Rat Swarm

pest rodent mouse fantasy token

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