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Hand Drawn Red Dragon's Lair Map Pack

Author: 2-Minute Table Top $5.99

A collection of hand drawn 23x16" battle maps, suitable for the hot and harrowing path up to a red dragon's lair. First, your players must cross the wasteland, and the crumbling dwarven bridge over a fiery chasm. Next, up the steep slope of the volcano. Finally, across a bridge into the caldera and into the burning heart, where an obsidian island and old dwarven dwelling houses the red beast...

In this pack:

If you enjoy the style, take a peek at my other items. I plan to release more hand drawn maps on a regular schedule.

6 Items Included in Hand Drawn Red Dragon's Lair Map Pack


volcano bridge lava fantasy map


cave lair dragon fantasy map


ruins lair dragon fantasy map


volcano lair dragon fantasy map


dwarven chasm bridge fantasy map


cliff mountain volcano fantasy map

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