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Lair of Marakalen

Author: Venger's Decks

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $4.99


This bundle pack includes grid and gridless 60x40 maps with day, night, buried and collapsed variants. You can grab an animated version here. Deep within the icy heart of a far off peak lies the lair of Marakelan, an ancient and fearsome white wyrm. The cavernous depths of this frigid domain are filled with treacherous ice formations and bone-chilling winds. Only the bravest adventurers dare to tread here, for within these icy walls, Marakelan guards her hoard of frozen treasures with unyielding ferocity. Her central lair is located within a cave formation carved from the rock, the steps between its entrance and the wyrm's place of rest at the back of the cave are interspersed with glacial arcane phenomena. Jagged stalactites hang from the ceiling, while icy stalagmites jut up from the floor. The air is filled with a biting chill that seeps into the bone, and the sound of cracking ice echoes through the cavern. Reaching Marakelan will not be easy.

Encounter Hook

Entering this massive cavern, it becomes clear to the party that Marakelan is waiting. As the party progressed through the numerous challenges presented by the outer magical phenomena of her lair, she has awoken and become aware. How dare they approach. But now that they have, now that these puny souls have breached her sanctuary, it is time for lessons to be learned, for examples to be made. Her gargantuan head rises as the party arrives, a slight puff of frosted air blowing out from her nostrils...

Need more maps?

All my other Roll20 maps can be found here. You can download & use all my maps for offline use. My Venger's Realm Map Vault is crammed with 300+ premium battle maps, including top-down, isometric, animated, and more. Access that and all my weekly map releases on Patreon, and thanks so much for your interest.

Meantime, enjoy this one & happy rollin'!


5 Items Included in Lair of Marakalen


dragon lair white


dragon cave snow


dragon cave ice


lair white wyrm


cave snow night

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