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Jungle Hacienda Gateway

Author: Venger's Decks

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $4.99


This bundle pack includes grid and gridless 40x30 maps with day, night, glass realm and dungeon variants. You can grab an animated version here. Deep in the jungle lies the gateway to a fabled hacienda, home to one of an ancient, infamous baron who, many years ago, is believed to have locked himself away from the rest of the multiverse. This gateway presents a calm pool and well-tended gardens, an oasis of sorts from the brutality of the jungle beyond. This welcoming spot, lit beautifully by a number of golden lamps, beckons the party over a bridge spanning a gentle green stream, and towards an ornate golden entrance that belies the lack of structure that can be seen clearly on the other side, where only more jungle flora awaits in the darkness. If this is the gateway, and it must be, where is the fabled hacienda?

Encounter Hook

This serene location, if investigated, might reveal a blanket of arcane magicks, surely an element of which conceals the home of this baron beyond the entrance. The entrance is locked, of course, and will only open, perhaps, if certain words are spoken or actions performed. But this baron hasn't managed to escape attention for so long without leaving in place surprises to slow the interruption of his beloved solace. And so as the party ventures across the bridge and closer to the entrance, what is that stirring in the waters below, did the lights flash a little there, was that a rustle in the trees?...

Need more maps?

All my other Roll20 maps can be found here. You can download & use all my maps for offline use. My Venger's Realm Map Vault is crammed with 300+ premium battle maps, including top-down, isometric, animated, and more. Access that and all my weekly map releases on Patreon, and thanks so much for your interest.

Meantime, enjoy this one & happy rollin'!


5 Items Included in Jungle Hacienda Gateway


dungeon entrance jungle


glass jungle realm


isometric jungle battlemap


grass trees jungle


water stream jungle

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